Kannikar Dressmaking and Cosmetic School

All applicants are welcome also , no basic background is qualified. you may choose your own schedule
and classes. centimeter program is provided for individual teaching , moreover you may select your own
schedual which meet your requirement and potential. It is flexible.

The instructors will closely takecare of you every step of learning. Distinguish courses from France
are provided in our School plus our instructors' expertise and experience from all over the world ,
can be guaranteed to make the courses improve and unique accordingly. 

Procedure of all courses are provided in full and detail including the evaluation which is approved
officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of Thailand to ensure that when you graduate
from our School with clearly understanding and capable to proceed to your own career promptly.



 Directorate by Ms. EKPREEYA SANTASAWANG  
who graduated from ESMOD GUERRE- LAVIGNE , France. 

 -  CERTIFICAT Ecole priv'ee de Mode'listes-Stylistes 
(Supreme Dressmaking and design)

 -  CERTIFICAT Ecole Technique prive'e  d'esthetique Cosme'tique de L'e'toile 
(Cosmetic course) also.

Dress Making Course ( Consists of 2 classes)

1.Course for primary class (Basic Class)

     Normal period : 4 months          Special period : 6 months

     Mon-Fri from 10:00-15:00 hr     Sunday from 10:00-15:00 hr

   Details of instruction

  •  How to use sawing machine
  •  How to make button hole
  •  How to identify cloth qualification and how to make marker
  •  Body measuring
  •  Cutting , Sewing skirt
  •  Principle of casual (loose) blouse shirt, collar and sleeves
  •  Principle of basic casual (loose) blouse/shirt
  •  How to make sleevless , round neck blouse/shirt
  •  How to darn to fit the needed shape
       *** After graduation, you are capable for Sewing career ***

 2.Course for Supreme Dress (Advanced)

     Normal period : 7 months           Special period : 1 year

     Mon-Fri from 11:00-15:00 hr     Sunday from 10:00-15:00 hr

   Details of Instruction

  •  How to use and repair broken sewing machine
  •  How to make button hole and seam allowance
  •  Quality of Cloth
  •  Body Measurement
  •  Principle of making in shape shirt basically
  •  Cutting and Sewing in shape shirt
  •  Cutting and Sewing various style of skirt
  •  Principle of making casual / loose blouse / shirt
  •  How to make casual blouse in various Collars and Sleeves
  •  How to make round neck sleeves blouse
  •  How to make boutique style blouse
  •  Basic dress and in shape blouse

 Cosmetic Course

  1.Course for face massege , make up

      3 months / Tue and Thur / 13:00-16:20 hr

     Details of instruction

  •  Morphologie
  •  Technologie
  •  Les Masques
  •  Guide to do face massege and serub
  •  Cosmetologie
  •  How to make sjin feeling soft and smooth
  •  Make up guidance for day time , night time , and for fancy style

   2.Course of using herb for body and face massage , steam and scrub

       3 months / Tue and Thur / 13:00-16:00 hr

      Details of instruction

  •  Face massage and scrub
  •  Body massage
  •  Body steam
  •  Qualification of varius herbs

   3.Course of hair dressing , make up and manicure

        7 months / Mon - Fri / 13:00-16:00 hr.

      Details of instruction

  •  Cosmetic in basic
  •  Washing & Massage of head skin
  •  How to roll hair
  •  Shell style
  •  Hair cutting
  •  Using Dryer and hair setting / hair styling
  •  How to do hairdo , cut , and shape
  •  Dye and change hair color
  •  How to do straight hair
  •  Make up technique
  •  Manicure technique
  •  How to manage to be hairdresser / hairstylist

Clothing Design Course

     Basic Course : 3 months period / Mon , Wed , Fri / 10:00-12:00 hr

     Course Details :

  •           World fashion history
  •           Technique of clothing design for practical use
  •           Fashion Drawing, how to draw human model in every aspect
  •           Painting in fashion style, color on the cloth , how to select color,

                    light , line and shadow

  •           Technique of how to dress up compactible to hair style , costume

                    including to the beauty accessories

 Costume Design Course (Consists of 3 major contents as follows)

A Structure content for 11 days period / 2 hours every day

    1. Line. face and body scale for 4 hrs.

    2. Arm and arm action for 4 hrs.

    3. Leg and leg action for 4 hrs.

    4. Full scale for 2 hrs.

    5. Full action for 6 hrs.

    6. Testing for 2 hrs.

B  Clothing for 11 days period , 2 hrs everyday

    Details as follows:

    1. Detail and content of clothing for 4 hrs.

    2. Drawing, practice for collar, shape and also the practical use for 4 hrs.

    3. Drawing practice for the whole body for 4 hrs.

    4. Decoration for 2 hrs.

    5. Decorating dress for 6 hrs.

    6. Testing for 2 hrs.

C Color content for 10 days period, 2 hrs everyday

    Details as follows:

    1. Color theory for 4 hrs.

    2. Wood color, plain cloth painting practice for 2 hrs.

    3. Wood color, design cloth painting practice for 4 hrs.

    4. Dynamic painting practice for 2 hrs.

    5. Ornamental dress painting practice for 4 hrs.

    6. Designing technique for 2 hrs.

    7. Testing for 2 hrs.

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