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About Information

Our School , name as Supreme Dressmaking and Cosmetic Private School .
Subject to Private Commercial School rule 115(2) under the Committee of Private Education,
Ministry of Education. 

Established on 14 July 1983. by Instructor Ekpreeya Santasawang
who graduated from ESMOD GUERRE- LAVIGNE , France. She has got the High Certificate of 

-  CERTIFICAT Ecole priv'ee de Mode'listes-Stylistes (Supreme Dressmaking and design)

-  CERTIFICAT Ecole Technique prive'e  d'esthetique Cosme'tique de L'e'toile (Cosmetic course) also.

with the experience of teaching for 29 years ; Success graduators are capable for Their careers


Philosophy and Aims

" To develop ourselves , our career and society "

Proceed to the principle of our School as follows : 

1. To develop the process of oversea standard teaching , skill , and technique to update accordingly
2. Put our best effort for student to be capable of knowledge , skill for their career sufficiently.
3. To promote and support social activities and social welfare regularly.
4. Create knowledge, moral person to strengthen development of the society.



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